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Cloud Computing as Digital Business revolution enabler

Digital Business Revolution

As an IT professional, could not be a better time for me to live in, as I am directly seeing the effect of today digital business revolution.

Every day we learn that new opportunities and new businesses are created thanks to the multitude of applications, services and, in more general way, the technology that can be leveraged.

Also traditional activities, that we have been doing for ages without any IT support, now have some sort of  IT system that is supporting it.

As a whole, technology has been an enabler to develop new business ideas with keys factors such as

  • Boom of mobile user population and the consequent business opportunities.
  • IoT  that every day shows a new use case.
  • Big Data & Analytics that allow to extract values from the huge amount of data that it produced every second.
  • Virtual world where with examples like Pokémon GO we saw how people are tending to live more the virtual world rather than the real life.
  • Cryptocurrency with Blockchain technology and its most popular Bitcoin implementation where several products and services are now only “bit” away.

Regardless the size of the business, every organization recognizes that flexibility and agility are paramount characteristics that cannot be overlooked, otherwise big are the chances that IT systems are no longer aligned to business objectives with the relative consequences.

In the recent years, the disruptive technology that enabled agility and time to market is the Cloud Computing.

One great benefit of the Cloud is that small companies and startup can give a try to their idea at a fraction of a cost.

With the Cloud computing paradigma, self starter people suddenly had the opportunity to implement their ideas without the need of an upfront investment to set up an IT infrastructure; They could quickly develop and deploy a new product and shutdown everything in case of unsuccessful experiment.

CloudU Certification

If you are interested in the Cloud topic, I suggest you to look at the CloudU certification program organized by Rackspace Cloud University.

By going through the course package, you’ll learn the fundamental of Cloud Computing that are valid across the several Cloud providers since it is Vendor neutral.

Once you’re ready, you can go through the online exam and (if you pass it) you’ll receive a certificate as I did.


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