Scrum Master Certified

During my career, I had several times the opportunity to work in a team following the Agile approach.

After the working experience, I decided to attend as well a formal training to close any gap that I might had.

After having completed the two days course and got certified, I can definitely affirm that it was a great experience.

What I really enjoyed of the two days course was definitely the way how it was organized. It was not a traditional course where you are presented a number of slides with the teacher talking over.

The two days course was like running a project!


All participants, like stakeholders, were asked which topics they liked to be covered in the course.

Like stakeholders in a large organization with different concerns, we were not all interested in the same topics in the same way.

All feedback collected from us represented the backlog that our teacher had to work out in the allowed time frame. The first exercise was to cluster (many requests were similar each other) all the requests in order to identify the different topics to address.

After having identified the topics to address there was a voting in order to identify their priority.

Surprisingly  some topics did not receive any vote and, for this reason, they were directly dropped. Why you should invest time in something that only the minority is interested in?

In the real life, probably you want to consider not only the number of stakeholders but as well as their influence in the organization leveraging the so called Stakeholder matrix (Interest – Influence).

Effort estimation was performed on the backlog items and subsequent monitoring and adjustment in order to ensure covering the topic that matters in the two days course.

Of course there were many more interesting exercises that I won’t list here.



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